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Nice cover

With or Without Him - Barbara Elsborg

I felt like I was dragged through this book by brewery horses, but at least the beasts were so nice to hop over the sex scenes - thank you.


How on earth is this relationship going to work? Our guys aren`t capable of communicating with each other without jumping to wrong conclusions and making negative assumptions. Through the course of the story they repeatedly waltzed over each others feelings like this was some newly invented art form - awe-inspiring, really!*insert sarcasm*


What really put me off - the negativity. Oh, the drama...

There wasn`t a single ray of light in sight. Totally overdone tragic pasts the poor guys had to deal with - apparently tragic pasts are needed to explain moronic TSTL behaviour, but that really is nothing new in m/m romance.


-An over-the-top villain that just made me roll my eyes.

-Paying student loans with prostitution of the worst kind.

-Offering the prostitute a large amount of money for four months of "company" but whining over unrequited feelings and expecting to be loved.

-Prostitute accepts the money but balks at buying expensive clothes (but can`t say no to an iPhone...) and constantly whines about not being worthy of love. Bla-bla-bla... -Prostitute gets offered large amounts of money from the villain for quietly taking everything that gets dished out - prostitute gets severely abused - and goes back. For paying student loans? TSTL? That`s where MY brain balked!

-The dialogue was awful. Mostly two-three-four word telegram-style. Absolutely didn`t fit the educational level the MCs are supposed to have.

-Equaling rape with "learning a lesson the hard way"...oh, dear!!


Complaints aside the story severely lacks originality. The same old drama tropes pulled out for the hundreth time. 

Rentboy falls for client - client falls for rentboy - tragic pasts - miscommunication or total lack thereof - outward forces raping, torturing and killing - everlasting love.


That wasn`t a m/m version of Pretty Woman - that was crap. Nice cover though...