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A batshit crazy funny ride

Bone Rider - J. Fally

 Even if the first part of the book made me grit my teeth - single minded romance reader just wanted to get to the good stuff - it gets the full five stars for originality and a cozy place on my favorite list. A sure-fire re-read!

Whew... That book tried my patience to snapping point, but it was so worth it! I could try the squee thingy with twenty "e"`s in bold letters and a shitload of gifs with explosions and sweaty nekkid men going at it, but my keyboard gives me the evil eye, sorry.


The that`s-all-you-need-to-know blurb should be convincing enough to give this book a try. For those who shy away from science fiction (I`m one of them), be assured the few s/f gizmos aren`t off-putting or complicated. This is highly entertaining sci-fi in a contemporary setting and easy to read.


What awed me to no end (and tried my patience...) was the brillant way this book is written. Such a tight and carefully constructed plot is a rare occurrence in m/m romance and that makes it hard to believe this is a first published work.

9 different POVs! (If I counted correctly) The MCs and almost every secondary character get their own voice. And Wow!, what a clever move that was! The POV switching with every chapter might be seen as a minus (I don`t call it headhopping - for me headhopping is switching POVs in paragraphs and sections without making clear who`s head I`m in) but in hindsight it made for a fascinating read. The story doesn`t divide in good guys/bad guys, wrong or right. No justification for thoughts and actions of the involved characters and NO regrets...only agendas and the determination to pull said agendas through, come what may. Makes it damn near impossible to dislike any of the characters for their `slightly` askew morals and what they did or tried to do.



We`re talking about russian mobsters here - professional hit-men with blood on their hands who like their job - no question.

The U.S. Army that has only one goal in mind - protect their country at all costs and if innocent bystanders get hurt - so be it!

An alien armor system that only wants to survive and protect his host Riley - at all costs.

Misha, who is so in love with Riley he forgot where left and right is and gives a shit about his former life. He just wants Riley - at all costs.

Riley, who feels the same way but ran away from the love of his life because he couldn`t cope with Misha`s profession. Once convinced there is no running away from Micha he has the same single minded goal. Protecting Micha - at all costs.



Somewhere in the middle of the book all involved parties meet - and from here on it gets NUCLEAR! Brillantly written action-scenes galore - I had no nails left to chew on - kudos Ms. Fally!!!


This book has only one sex-scene (sniffs!...but the palpable and very emotional forever-is-not-enough love between Micha and Riley makes more than up for that) with Micha and Riley as couple (there are more sex-sc. - but this is their only reunion scene) and McClane as `enhancement`. But what a scene! How they survived that unscathed is anyones guess.... Why do I point out the smut? See "single minded romance reader".


I don`t highlight and in this case I regretted it. Many funny lines that would have been more than worth it, especially from McClane. How he adjusted to his human host and got all snuggly...awwwww! An endearing mix of clueless alien falling in love and a deadly, protective weapon.


Highly recommended!