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Under a Crescent Moon - Mercy Celeste

I wasn`t very happy with some of Mercy Celeste`s books in the past. - to put it mildly.

But now I made the mistake to ask a friend for suggestions because I was bored and couldn`t find a book to read(!).
She suggested this book together with an evilly laughing smiley. I just thought "why not, maybe it got better, it has been a while since I read a book by Mercy C."

It didn`t get better, it got worse.
A badly written, badly edited (if at all), and - in my opinion - incredibly silly story.

Four things are needed to read this book:
- suspending disbelief
- nerves of steel
- keeping the mind firmly in the gutter
- deactivating every functioning brain cell that might be able to pipe up and dares to question content and characterisation

142 pages of wading through molasses - one step forward, four steps back.
A neverending circle of the same whiny, nonsensical thoughts and dialogue from the two MCs - ad nauseaum. It must have been hard work to come up with characters that contradictive. Jesus H. Christ...

There was kitchen towel-swishing/fingertips-burning magic involved, but why?
To add to the "New Orleans-feeling"? Same as the Cajun-dialect thrown in here and there, and numerous references to local food. (That actually made sense. The Crescent Moon is a restaurant)
I felt absoluty nothing of the special charme that makes New Orleans.
A good editor would have thrown the `magick` out at first glance, the paranormal part added nothing to the story just fuel to the sillyness of it all.


A serial killer - pulled out of the box when needed - a murder investigation that was amateurish at best. Secondary characters right out of a Disney movie. Pseudo-rough sex-scenes in flowery language with countless "fuck me`s" - I couldn`t read them anymore after the third round, gave me the skin crawlies!
24/7 lifestyle D/s coming out of nowhere. And of course a cute baby and many, many personal secrets thrown in for good measure.
A lot of stuff for a novella and it was a glorious mess!
I won`t mention the godawful attempt at writing a credible romance here, it was painful to read. The HEA was the last straw - a sugar-overdose that put every Harlequin romance to shame.
Whoever has the time and energy can read the 32 status updates that led to this review. I just want to forget this crap as fast as possible.



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