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A Delicious Smelling Leather Wallet - Dakota Dawn DNF page 5 (of fourteen!)
A miracle I made it that far...

What happened...

Page 1:
"On impulse, he raised the wallet to his nose and sniffed. His cock instantly roused at the scent of fine leather and unique male essence. If this was the last fragrance he ever smelled, he'd die a happy man."

"Flipping the wallet open, Bry grinned and ran his finger over the picture on the driver's license. The dark-haired man was so handsome his heart thudded in sweet agony. To wake up next to this scrumptious face every day would be a delight.

...raises one eyebrow...

Page 2:
"Unable to stop himself, he sniffed the scented leather again. His body and soul instantly responded to the delicious aroma. They both wanted Jonas. Mentally, Bry knew that was a crazy response since he didn't even know Jonas, but he couldn't stop the flood of need and longing. His body had never reacted to anyone this way before. It was scary and exciting."

...second eyebrow follows...

Page 4:
"A strong hand circled Bry's wrist. A shot of ravenous desire raced through his body causing him to shiver. He looked at the hand holding him and tried to will his rising erection away. Jonas had an electric touch, one he'd love to explore."

"Jonas Escalante was instantly attracted to the blond-haired, blue-eyed man in front of him. The fact that the guy was holding a wallet that looked just like his was shocking. After feeling for his wallet and not finding it, he was pretty sure the gorgeous male standing calming but tiredly before him was holding his missing wallet."

...eyebrows climbing...

Page 5:
"Jonas watched as the blond looked at his captured wrist and shivered enthrallingly. Did he feel the current that flowed between them? A quick peek at the front of the man's pants said yes, he did. When the man's blue eyes locked with his, Jonas knew his heart was in trouble."

"Fear speared through Jonas' chest; he couldn't let this man just walk away. Something about him called to Jonas in a soulful and exhilarating way."

...they met two minutes before...*palms face*

Note to self:
Don`t buy books/stories from Siren Authors...