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Revelations - Julie Lynn Hayes 4,75 stars

A mountain of pet-peeves!
I have no idea why it worked for me anyway, but it did.
Must be my lifelong crush on Judas.

I saw an interview with Julie Lynn Hayes on a blog and was stunned.
We both have the same "Judas-history" - starting with the musical Jesus Christ Superstar - with the difference that Julie is an author and I`m not.
And now she wrote the story I always dreamed up.
When does something like this happen...

I fell in love with the story from page one on. I had almost no time to read at that time - a special kind of torture!

Truth to be told I didn`t understand myself.
First person POV from several characters - switching from chapter to chapter, rhetorical questions - I HATE that! Adressing the reader directly...am I supposed to answer and how do I do that?
Internal, repetitive musings galore. Terms of endearment that would usually make my skin crawl - "My sweet baby Judas" - and what did I do? I just smiled - totally smitten....
The characters were exactly portrayed like I always pictured them. The snarky, grumbly diva Judas and Jesus with his almost childlike innocence and never ceasing fatalism - but just to the point where he acknowledged his love for Judas - no more willing to follow the predetermined script. Love is the most powerful force of all - I loved that message, it never fit so well as it did in this story!

Revelations is a very sweet(!) and funny romance - about time someone wrote the truth - with a sad undertone that made me teary eyed then and there. When did I turn into a sap?
A slow burner if there ever was one. Judas and Jesus had 2000 years to come to terms with their feelings and as they finally did they really hit it off. (Sex scenes fade to black - thank you dear author I wouldn`t have survived more smut between these two, I was blushing hard enough as it was....too funny!)
They were so incredibly sweet together it made my teeth hurt.
Did I throw the book against the wall? Nope - I hugged my reader.

I won`t go into the story. It`s common knowledge with a twist and interested readers should experience it for themselves.

To avoid tomatoes.
If you are just generally interested in a romance and not especially in the re-written history of Judas and Jesus you might possibly fall asleep of boredom...just saying.
If you want to know what really happened...go for it!

I didn`t give the book the full five stars because there was a chapter missing, IMO. The final POV of Luci(fer) grudgingly admitting defeat but already plotting revenge - that would have been it!

Very warmly recommended!

I would love to see some bigoted self-proclaimed "Christian" accidentally stumbling over this book and getting a heart attack! Hah!!