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Exposed - Skylar M. Cates To be fair - 1000 m/m stories earlier I would have enjoyed it much more.
Surprisingly conflict free story about a gay pro-golfer - not a single golf ball played by the way - and a wannabe reporter striving for success.
This could have been a great story if Rafe - the reporter - had pulled his job through. Of course he didn`t - wrong profession, my dear - because he fell in love with his target.
Calling this a story of betrayal and forgiveness is a bit of a stretch - a job is a job - just unnecessary drama as a wobbly story-frame around erotic content with characters heavily leaning to m/f stereotypes.
Might work as an erotic romance-only if one likes the sex-scenes but that`s a taste thing and it wasn`t mine.
The story was a disappointment.