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Don't Trust the Cut - Kade Boehme DNF 28%

I don`t want to spend my precious reading time with nerve-grating, hair-tossing females on every page.
I don`t mind the (understandably btw...) jealous girlfriend , but I DO mind the one-millionth version of the butch best friend/roommate with Florence-Nightingale-Syndrome.
It`s a taste thing - no rating.


I just got lectured by *beep*, that Alison is based on a real life friend, this book is largely autobiographical and this little rant offended *beep*.
What can I say - apparently I have to love and appreciate Alison (and the book) , keep my evil trap shut AND have to be some kind of seer.

Dear *beep*, I still don`t like Alison, I don`t care if my little rant is offensive to *beep* BECAUSE I`M NOT A SEER, I don`t care if I`m right or wrong, pink or yellow, NOW the book gets its well deserved ONE star rating.

A friend of mine (love you, Sweetie!) tried to calm me down, but I`m not exactly a nice person when being angry....
But be assured, I won`t touch any other book from *beep* with a ten foot pole, I promise.

Edit, the second...

The "beep" deleted *beep* comments here on the thread. Says everything there is to say...