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Waiting in the Throes - Maddox Grey I agree with Oceankitty`s review.
Waiting In The Throes is not a supposed-to-be-titillating rape/abuse porn - it`s Horror.
Like watching a terrible accident happening in slow motion...horrified, appalled, but unable to look away for even a second.
I put the story on my reader, read it in one day in one go and as I finished I looked at the page count and it almost knocked me off my seat - 670 pages that felt like reading 300 max.....
Who cares for wrong spelling and typos when an author manages to pull a reader into a story so much. Wow, what a writer...
Surprising was, that the most obvious flaw of the story - ignoring the physical limits of a human body more than once - made the story easier to read. For me, the incredibility of the story worked well as a slight emotional detachment - I couldn`t have read it otherwise.

First book is complete, the sequel is a WIP currently three chapters in.
Dear author, get on with it I want to know what happened to Jason!

I won`t recommend it to everyone, you know your limits so read the warnings and better think twice.