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Unspeakable Words - Sarah Madison Funny and touching story.I love men who love cats!
I was tempted to give it 5 stars,but the mystery is a bit weak.Many questions were unanswered in this book which is definitely the start of a series - or a sequel at least.And the relationship between the two MC`s just has begun....
I really liked the slow build up - no too tight pants and sparking handshakes on the first pages....

It must be a pain in the ass to write a story with a mind-reading character.Not easy to avoid "thinking-mistakes" especially in the inner dialogue.
There were some lough out loud moments with Jerry trying to avoid embarassing or inappropriate thoughts and a flustered (straight?) Flynn.
I even was okay with the paranormal part of the story,and that`s rare.( I hope the "why" will be solved in the next book) - after all the "ability" helped rescuing a tormented kitten.

The story and the endearing characters gripped me from the start and didn`t let go till the last page.I was sad to leave them and now I`m waiting for the sequel to come out soon.