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Up in Arms - Kindle Alexander There`s no chance this clusterfuck is going to get any better - only worse,so...
DNF 50%

A book like this will always have an audience swooning over it (with a sideways glance at the gushing reviews and high ratings it already has...) like every outdated Harlequin romance novel ever had or has.

That`s exactly what it is. 100% Harlequin ivory-tower mutant pulled out of the relic box, dusted-off, converted from m/f to m/m without making the necessary adjustments for being it two men, spiked with mildly explicit and nauseatingly "romantic" sex scenes.

Poorly written, extremely repetitive purple prose throwing positive adjectives around like candy on a German carnival procession.
Perfect, beautiful, stunning, handsome, and so on - repeated again and again and again - ad nauseaum.
My favorite was the "sexy grin spreading across his stunningly handsome face" - I don`t know in how many variations and how many times......I got it, I got it, please stop - but there was no escape...ugh!
Not to forget the emerald-green glances and cerulean stares...I think you get the picture.

The blurb makes this story sound much more exciting than it really is. Who wants to know more can read the status updates up to 50%.
I won`t get into them here I think they speak for themselves.
I stopped reading at this point, after some jaw-dropping moments - unbelievingly staring at the screen during scenes where I truly felt embarrassed for the author - with no improvement in sight. .
Definitely not recommended.