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Just a Casual Thing - Scarlet Blackwell 3,5 stars

I usually don`t mind cheating and/or promiscuous characters in m/m romance - I mean, that`s life...even in fiction - but lovely cutie Nate scratched on my limits. Following his train of thoughts and how he justified his actions was a challenge!

Emotionally retarded and hormone-driven (and not the brightest bulb, but I think he doesn`t want to hear that) Nate stumbles as narrator through the lust-sex-love-chaos that is Just A Casual Thing, trying to find true love.
Turns out to be quite difficult because he has a long time fuck buddy - Ronan - with whom he is very much in lust with but never considered as relationship material. Then he meets Shane and falls in love - or so he thinks - and wants to dump Ronan for him. Ronan is not happy (guess why), Shane has an agenda of his own called Brian - Nate`s best friend. Then there are Ross, Ronan`s bestie, no - Shane`s...sorry...and not very fond of Nate. Cole and Perry - a couple in an open relationship, Julian and Rob - a couple both cheating on their wives - all buddies of Nate and all of them arguing and fighting like fishwives.
Somewhere along the way I lost track who fucked whom and why (if there was a why...).
Nate clearly has trouble keeping his insatiable dick out of Ronan with no clue why Ronan doesn`t want him back as fuck buddy after the love intermezzo with Shane....o.k, I`m stopping here.....have fun!