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A Reason To Believe - Diana Copland The main niggles...

How was I supposed to take him?
As a do-gooder? Taking money from grieving people and showing off their grief in public...what a nice guy. I would say a seedy character at best.

The ghost story.
I`ve read childrens books that were better thought-out.
I mean, where were the ghosts? Kiernan is a medium but after the `show` the only ghost who appeared was Abby.
(What a timing...she didn`t appear during sex-scenes - God forbid! - but just when she was needed to give hints at the right moments with lots of Hollywood hocus-pocus or coming to the rescue...)
Did someone invite all the ghosts to Kiernan`s grief-ghost-show and told them to stay put after this?

I didn`t like the characters, the story even less and the last straw were Abby`s grandmotherly words of wisdom at the end of the book.
DNF at 98%!