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Sinner's Gin - Rhys Ford Why was the step a big mistake? What was the `boom` at the end of the chapter 20 - a gun, a bomb, what happened? If there was no bullet wound what was the stuff trickling down Miki`s arm...gun oil? The villain was crazy but why the episode with the arson on Sanchez house? Made no sense! Do I have to pull all the strings together with my imagination? Isn`t the cliffhanger a bit far fetched? Was there ever such a happy family including ├╝ber-mother like the Morgans? Oh, and of course love heals everything.
Call me thoroughly confused and annoyed....more later.

20 hours later, temperature back to normal, sad to say the time spent thinking didn`t make the book better.
I was okay with it first. I don`t like this overly damaged characters-theme very much, where the heros have to go through hell first before getting rescued by their knights in shining armor. But if I would try to avoid the theme I would find nothing to read in this genre. But please dear authors - don`t push it too far!
Miki was abandoned by his parents at the guessed age of two in nothing but a diaper on the streets. Sexually abused and tortured by foster parents for years. Got hired as a singer of a rock band, got famous and but lost his newfound friends and bandmembers, his soulmate Damien - the only man he ever called family - and his career in a terrible car crash with him as the sole survivor and permanently damaged.
Why not hang, draw and quarter these characters, I`m sure some knight will come, stitch them back together and kiss it all better...means - this kind of damage can`t be healed by the love of a man and a big happy suffocating-you-with-warmth family like the Morgans...
After I resigned myself to another round of love-heals-everything and over-the-top characters it went fairly well. Kane was nice, Miki cute, the dog funny, the villain evil, the details gory, build up of the romance slow, I liked Kane`s partner Sanchez, Miki`s manager Edie, I couldn`t stand the Morgan-clan at first glance (at least those I got to know the worst part of the family, the parents, appeared in the second half - I never liked The Waltons so that might be just me...) everything was fine.
Then - middle of the book - a drawn out shower-jerk-off scene (major pet peeve) and everything went to sh..
I couldn`t read the sex-scenes. For the life of me I can`t explain why but I found them way too long, gratuitous and - sorry, off-putting.
Every profiler would have a field day with our killer who suddenly went arsonist (Why Sanchez house? How could he know where the family lived? I still don`t get it...).
A mysterious boomerang-bullet who whizzed past but somehow grazed/hit Miki in/at the shoulder and hurt him as he fought for his life in the showdown. According to chapter 21 there was no wound. According to the author who commented here on the thread the liquid dripping down Miki`s arm was sweat and not blood. It couldn`t be blood because there was no wound but what hit him then??? Call me fussy but that small detail bugged me to no end.

The worst was the lack of explanations/answers. I went back in the chapters because I thought I missed details, I read chapters twice but couldn`t find any - and the red dots started dancing!
I wanted to know what happened at the end of ch. 20 but after that came the epilogue - three months later, everyone was happy all you need is love....end!
Oh, and someone finally mentioned therapy for Miki - for his bad knee NOT for the child abuse...Sims at boiling point AND...HEAD...HIT...DESK!!!
Better not talking about the build-up to book two and the cliffhanger - I thought the story couldn`t get worse - I won`t read it, promise.