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Aaron - J.P. Barnaby Aaron was a touching romance, no doubt, but I`m not so easily sidetracked by gentle kisses, tears and deep emotions.
When I read a book dealing with serious issues - in this case PTSD after being brutally attacked (Aaron) and dealing with everyday life when being deaf (Spencer) - I want to have the feeling that authors know what they are talking about, because - what do I know about severe trauma therapy, medication and how a character feels in the aftermath of an attack - next to nothing.

There were some tiny slips in this book like Spencer looking up after Aaron asked him something or how Spencer didn`t like to hear the vulnerability in his own voice....um....dear author, dear editor - Spencer is deaf - he can`t hear Aaron and certainly not his own voice....

There were more of these slips and they gave me the impression that the author didn`t put enough effort and research into the story to make it believable even if it is "just" a romance.
Didn`t work for me, sorry....