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We Danced - Jeff Erno First 26(!) pages introduction of the characters including their families, jobs, past, ex-lovers et cetera...
Insta love at first whiff, a kid out of a cereal commercial, an evil (of course deeply religious) aunt accusing the guys of child abuse, child welfare that scares little kids to death - putting the kid in the care of dubious foster parents based on a single accusation without any evidence, a gay friendly judge, getting the kid back, HEA, and they danced...

I couldn`t connect with the characters.
22 year old Josh came across as ├╝ber-possessive and demanding - rushing to Rex` house the day after they first met and shared one single kiss to confront him after finding out that Rex lives with a guy named Ty who he thinks is his current boyfriend. Cheating? Not with Josh....
A few days later Josh told single-Uncle, multitasking 28 year old Rex how to run his life and how he could have managed it better! (Seriously, my Mom warned me off of men like Josh...)
Overbearing Josh made the supposed to be so strong Rex look like a doormat...sorry!

No tension in this story.
Ty - cutest 6 year old ever welcomed his new Uncle Josh with wide open arms and readily accepted the gay relationship between his two Uncles.
Idyllic small town atmosphere, understanding friends and colleagues, supporting family (with the exception of Aunt Evil) this felt like watching an episode of The Waltons - equally old-fashioned and very sweet...

The dropping shoe - accusation of child abuse - was too overdone and unbelievable to bring some much needed excitement into the story.

The writing was smooth but felt dispassionate and unemotional and as in the other two books I`ve read by this author I got a heavy dose of getting preached at...

The story was a fast, (too) easy and ultimately forgettable read.