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Power Exchange - A.J.  Rose 4,5 stars

Looks left...looks right...no one is currently reading it?
Do I really have to go first? Unf...friends!

Well written, well thought out mystery-plot (a plot!), touching D/s romance...loved this book and read it almost in one go without skipping a single word.
I`m no expert in police procedure and BDSM, just read about these themes in books but I think there went a huge amount of research into this book - forensics, edge play, D/s dynamics - everything in the story sounded convincing and plausible...means - I bought it.

More telling than showing - usually considered a flaw in storytelling - fit perfectly here. It made the gruesome murders, edge play in BDSM scenes and thorough investigations/forensics less gritty and let the story flow smoothly. I found that very pleasant for a change...
That doesn`t mean the book is Wuss-safe. One scene at the end SHOWED!

Another plus - romance and mystery blended well together. When reading the mystery parts I didn`t miss the romance, when reading the romance I didn`t miss the investigations. (Do I make sense here?)

Great cast of full-fledged secondary characters - some to hate, some to love...(Hey, Trent - you got what you deserved, Sweetie!)

The romance - a slow burner.
Likeable characters in an emotional, believable journey of growing togehther, safe sane and consensual, a touching care and tenderness even in medium-BDSM scenes...
Sex-scenes from vanilla to the above mentioned medium-BDSM, hot but not overly graphic and not one of them repetitive or gratuitous - they fit well into the story.

I didn`t give the book five stars because the last chapter felt rushed in comparison to the rest of the book and the ending too abrupt - there was more to tell.

Hmmm...I forgot to tell something about the story...*shrugs*...go, read it!