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And So Is Love - Scarlet Blackwell This is the fourth book by Scarlet Blackwell that I`ve read and
every book is a bit better than the last.She`s now on my auto-buy list.
First I was a bit reluctant to give And So Is Love 5 stars because of the resemblance to a TV-series and the gay-for-you storyline.
But Dane and Bailey are still dominating my thoughts so I upped my rating from 4 to 5 stars.
It`s prison life as it is - dangerous,violent and...lonely.
Dane -sentenced for second-degree murder and for two years in prison - just wants to be left alone.In comes Bailey as his new cellmate.An out and proud gay man sentenced for "defending himself".As expected his openness about his sexuality makes his life in prison a living hell.
The "straight" and slightly homophobic Dane slowly falls for Bailey.Unable to express his feelings -even to himself - he reacts the only way he knows,with violence.Sometimes with Bailey at the receiving end.Eventually Dane relents to his feelings for Bailey -the sex scenes are yery emotional and far from violent.Soon their affair is no longer a secret and other prison top-dogs are using Bailey as a weapon against a now vulnerable Dane.To protect Bailey`s life Dane pushes him away.Bailey`s now desperate fight for Dane`s love is almost painful to read.Secondary characters like Anthony"Professor" and the ward Malone who sympathize with the lovers are trying to help.Do Dane and Bailey have a chance?
The ending is satisfying but not too "sweet". Highly recommended!
By the way - gorgeous cover!