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Draconian Measures - J.C. Owens A wonderful and totally captivating love story!
The best book by J.C. Owens that I`ve read so far.I fell hopelessly in love
with the Finnarian prince Sadan and his stubborn,grumpy,fierce - and incredibly cute - Draconian mate Graitaan.
Draconian Measures is the sequel AND a prequel to Gaven 1+2 and should not be read as a standalone.Most of the worldbuilding,description of the Finnarian culture and introducing of the Mc`s takes place in Gaven 1+2! Btw...Vlar as kid is adorable.
HIGHLY recommended!
Perhaps I should mention it. - Graitaan is not a shapeshifter.He really is a dragon.With wings,scales,claws and sharp teeth!
Curious? - Read it!!