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Lonewolf - J.L. Merrow Note:Review and rating are for the first published and non-revised version of Lonewolf!

So many prejudices against Germans in such a short story....made me grit my teeth!
A question Ms.Merrow:
What is a >> superior Aryan gaze << ?<br/>I am dark-blond and blue-eyed.Shall I look in the mirror...and there it is?

And the phrase >>His square jaw,blond hair and piercing blue eyes would have made Heinrich Himmler wet himself with joy<<.<br/>You`re walking a VERY thin line between crude humor and simply being beneath contempt here!

This is just a minor niggle but "ugly,rotten area of Stuttgart" ??
Perhaps in every other of Germany`s big cities...but Stuttgart? Hell,NO!

I could go on and on,but it`s not worth it.