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Hearts Under Fire - Kelly Wyre, H.J. Raine 4,5 stars - first half.
3,5 stars - second half.

Interesting plot about two Dom`s falling in love with each other.Unusual opening,shifting power-dynamics,a slow build-up,good writing and hot BDSM/sex-scenes made a very good first half of the book.But then - in the sec. half - my eyebrows slowly climbed up.Daniel,a professional and confident Dom transformed to a clinging crybaby,his lover Clark - a Dom who secretly longed for submission - from submitting to Daniel to the stronger,comfort-giving partner of the pair.
It`s nice to read about a male couple that is able to talk to each other,but changing from quiet and laid-back men to chatterboxes who revealed their painful pasts,secrets and deepest desires after a few days of knowing each other? - Hard to.....
At the end of the book Clark and Daniel reminded me more of Siamese twins than lovers - attached from shoulders to hips...
The sex scenes turned from hot BDSM to long drawn-out,almost-vanilla and incredibly intimate lovemaking - pure (and very female) fantasy...
Enough with the niggles.As I said,the writing was good and I definitely will read the next book by these two authors.