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Out Of Focus - L.A. Witt 1,5-2 stars

Out Of Focus was an excellent......
.....non-chemical substitute for sleeping pills.
I couldn`t connect with the characters.They were like cardboard figures - somehow unreal and without any warmth.(The two Doms were more like "let`s play with whip and clamps" than the real thing and the inexperienced sub was just too naive...)
I don`t mind threesomes and usually I like BDSM-themed stories,but here both couldn`t convince me.
AND - way too much sex! ( I can`t remember the last time I said that about a book..) I`ve read descriptions of doing the laundry that were more passionate than the sex/BDSM-scenes in this book.
The plot - a few job descriptions,sex,falling in love,more sex,jealousy and insecurities,sex(!)and haaaeeeaaaa....

I was looking forward to reading this for a long time and now I`m just a touch disappointed.

Plus point - the animals!