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Dance With Me - Heidi Cullinan I liked the story,the MC`s,the secondary characters,the slow build-up and the well written dance scenes.I could picture Ed and Laurie dancing the Tango...everything was alright in my little reader`s world.
But then came the first sex scene,and I was - to put it mildly - flabbergasted.
The lovey-doveyness (is that even a word?) and the endless inner musings of Ed and Laurie during those scenes (and from then on out of them too) let me alternate between rolling my eyes,snickering and utter disbelief.Especially Laurie was dangerously close to being a prudish and virginal chick-with-dick instead of an effeminate gay man in his mid-thirties.
Hot and sizzling? - Not in the least and certainly not for me...
In the end,only the beautiful and touching dance scenes saved "Dance With Me" from beeing a 1-star rating.