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By Any Other Name - Tia Fielding 2,5-3 stars

By Any Other Name is a gentle and laid back m-m-m romance,but I couldn`t imagine how the relationship between the three men could possibly work out.
Dru and Thom definitely are not the perfect match for a man like Skye who is suffering from past abuse and relying on psychotherapy and heavy medication.He needs a stronger and more reliable security net than the insecure Thom and the erratic and overly emotional Dru can provide.Too many mixed signals here,IMHO.
I know the hurt-comfort theme is a popular and beloved romance thingy,but sometimes love is NOT enough...

The writing was good - smooth and easy to read - but the author tried to avoid being repetitive
by using terms like "the older man,the younger man,the smaller man,the blond,the brunet" and so on.It was confusing at best.Three MC`s,three POV`s...just the names,please...