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Song of Oestend (Oestend, #1) - Marie Sexton 4,5 stars

Heather C has written a spot-on review for Song of Oestend.
I agree to 95%.

My two cents...

I think the sparse worldbuilding was enough - just added fuel to the subtle,creeping horror of the ghost-story part in the book.No cheap effects here and it wasn`t overly gory - it were the characters`s palpable fears of the unknown and "why?" that made it so scary.

The build up of the romance was very slow,but the "wait" was so worth it.Time enough to make the growing love and desire between Aren and Deacon believable - and that`s what led to some of the hottest sex-scenes I`ve read in a while.There`s BDSM and D/s but all of it came naturally.No talking about safe-words,scenes and psychology,just a giving-in to desires and needs - kind of refreshing.
The book contains a menage scene.I don`t mind menage - it was ├╝ber-hot! But readers with menage-issues may better think twice before reading Song of Oestend.

The secondary characters (it wasn`t a small number - the ranch was BIG) were well developed.Especially Olsa,that woman was adorable...

No more cents...
Highly recommended!