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Room at the Top - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow 4,5 stars

Room At The Top is black coffee and dark chocolate with chili.
Smooth,hot,rough and delicious...

I liked the equal development of the characters.Most BDSM books concentrate on the feelings and thoughts of the sub(s).To be in Liam`s (the Dom) head,seeing the scenes through his eyes,his growing attraction to his two young subs,the doubts and insecurities - for me it was refreshingly different and a joy to read.
The dynamics in this threesome worked for me,even the GFY.Austin and Jay were a lovely couple - deeply in love with each other - and Liam falling in love with them was absolutely believable.

What I didn`t like was Austin`s little sister as some kind of villain.The character`s "evilness" was exaggerated and an unnecessary addition to the plot.