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Dominion of the Eth - J.C. Owens Authors are cruel!
Twenty-four hours after finishing The Dominion Of The Eth I still have puffy eyes.The result of tearing up on every occasion - couldn`t get the damn book out of my head.Thanks to Ms.Owens for putting me through the wringer like that...

I was hooked from the beginning.Fascinating characters in an intense,fairly dark and complex story with exceptional worldbuilding.
Coming to the the middle of the book I sat on the edge of my seat - nail-biting,unbelieving and chanting "don`t do this,don`t do this,you can`t do this,please - no!
(Don`t ask me if I meant the author for writing it that way or Riley for acting that way - I don`t know...I think both!) I went through - as Lilli said in one of her comments - some seriously violent emotions.From miffed to angry to furious (the throwing-things-furious!) and finally to despair.What a mess! And what now? - A solution? Redemption? Forgiveness? A (believable) happy end? - Never! - absolutely impossible!
And that`s where I underestimated one of my favorite authors.
Hesitantly I read on and was rewarded with one of the most believable and most beautiful HEA`s that I`ve ever read.The last chapters and the epilogue were my undoing. - Now I was the mess - Niagara-Falls,I can tell `ya...

Now stop with the rambling...
Highly,HIGHLY recommended!!!