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Private Eye (Liaisons #1) - S.E. Culpepper 4 stars because it`s the authors first published novel.
I agree with LadyM`s review here

Nice romance with a weaker mystery that got blown out of proportions in the end.A plot device to make a lover`s reunion more dramatic...
Believable GFY with inner musings galore what surprisingly didn`t bother me - Jeremy coming to terms with his sexuality and Rafe`s insecurities were well developed and entertaining to read.

What bothered me was Jeremy acting like a spoiled prima donna over a little white lie from the lovesick oaf Rafe.The poor guy couldn`t tell left and right apart at this point and should have been given some credit...IMO.Made the character of Jeremy (only a little) less likeable to me.

Nice build up with lots of sexual tension but just a few well written and hot sex scenes in this book.I could have put up with a little more!
Why do I read this sh... m/m romance? Certainly not for 300 pages of longing glances and chaste kisses...just saying. - I`m a perv.....

Overall = recommended.