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Behind Iron Lace - Mercy Celeste A weak plot,an unbelievable GFY - Darcy was never interested in men before and Caleb not for seven years,so what were these guys - gay,bi,straight with a twist...or something new? ...
The prose was so purple - in flashing letters - it hurt my eyes.Overblown,talkative and silly sex-talk that I couldn`t find erotic.As for the sex - no condoms,because "I was careful and I know you were careful so we don`t need them" and worse - no lube!(first time/virgin) "I´m so hot for you - natural lubrication!"...talking about silly...
But what finally killed my enjoyment of the story was a.)The massive use of pet names for Calebs lover Darcy (as if the name Darcy wasn`t bad enough...)Dar,Darc,beb,bebe,cher in every second dialogue-phrase - made me cringe.
b.)The Cajun-French - it might be charming when spoken but certainly not when written.For me it was just hard-to-bear mangled French.
c.)The cursing - "merde"(shit) at every opportunity....(oh shit,I forgot to count...)