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Unshakeable Faith - Lisa Worrall A lot happens in Unshakeable Faith.Brody,a sweet-natured all around Mr.Nice Guy falls for Nash,a man walking in his bar who - thanks to a vicious attack a few months before - has no idea who or what he is.Brody hires Nash on the spot as a bartender and the two men fall madly in love with each other.Too bad Nash turns out to be the romance version of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.After a second bout of amnesia,with the memory of his former life coming back but "forgetting" the past three months with the newfound love of his life Nash leaves poor Brody behind - back to being his old asshole-ish and ruthless self as the boss of a big company.Now Brody goes on a mission - hiring as a bodyguard for Nash and bound and determined to get HIS man back.Not an easy task...
Sweet love story with a bit angst thrown in - even blinked away one(or two)tears - a mystery,attempted murder,double amnesia,lovely family and friends - a very entertaining read.
I simply love it,when I get the "author enjoyed writing it"-vibe!