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At His Throat, A Promise - Lilith Grey As always when reading slave fiction I read it with the feeling that something is utterly wrong with the concept of a world where slavery is common and/or required.Give me a slave character who welcomes this concept - even craves it - and I`m in deep trouble...can`t help it.
That should explain my rating because this piece of slave fiction is truly outstanding - and disturbing.With some interesting twists in the slave department (some of them called into question - thanks for that!) it went from being cuddly-sweet to hard and tough and back again with many sex scenes of all variations,feelings like love,hope,desperation all over the place - at times very bleak (thanks for the word,Td!) and depressing...
500 pages long this shouldn`t be read in one piece - for the above mentioned reasons...IMO.I`m glad that it`s over...and that I`ve read it!

Blurb and publisher-warnings are accurate even when it doesn`t seem so at first...