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Blue Notes - Shira Anthony Blue Notes - at first sight a GFY is more like the journey of a man discovering what he wants from life and love by falling for a much younger man on a visit to Paris.
Tourist attractions,delicious food,jazz and classical music galore,lots of terms in French language - this book really got the French-vibe...
Jonas and Jules were an adorable couple that fell in love quickly but they both needed their time to get comfortable in their relationship,especially the older Jonas who fled to Paris after a bad break up with a cheating fiance and a stressfull job as a successful lawyer.Meeting Jules,a young jazz musician made him deal with unpleasent childhood memories and re-discovering his long time buried love for music and playing the piano.

A big niggle was the use of terms like older man/younger man,American/Frenchman.Especially in the sex scenes they were off-putting and unnecessary.
Some cliches here and there like the older Jonas automatically taking the lead and Jules as the younger man being insecure and behaving immature.
But overall I really enjoyed this book!