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Choices - Penny Brandon 2-2,5 stars

Magic mirror as matchmaker showing a straight guy the love of his life that turns out to be a (gay) man.Nice idea that didn`t work for me...

Re-read the first chapter because - was that supposed to be a "local" mirror? Somehow cruel to show someone an image of their future love and telling them to find "the" love and convince him/her of being the "one and only" - without giving a location! Could turn out to be the sweaty job of several lifetimes...the first of a not so small number of plotholes.
Happy straight guy (or so he thought) Marc easily(!) accepted his fate as a now gay(for you) man - bound and determined to find "him" - and where did he start to search? In different gay bars one every evening of the week because that`s where you find "them",right? The first of a not so small number of cliches...(needless to say he found "him" on the sixth evening!)
It still could have been an enjoyable read - by reading it as the paranormal/fairy tale that it was - with more likeable MC`s. Liam was o.k. with his "I don`t do relationships please don`t love me" attidude,but Marc....
From straight and wanting to get married with lots of kids to stalker-ish drama queen and the worst chick-with-dick I`ve come across in a long while..."you said you would call me,why didn`t you?"...(hmph...that did it!)
Sex-scenes were well written with some sweet and even funny moments with the skittish Marc (who got swept from his feet at the first intimate touch from "him" including the famous GFY-phrase "it never felt so good before" - I can`t hear/read it anymore!) BUT....see "chick-with-dick"!

Rant over...