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Blind Space - Marie Sexton 4-4,5 stars

See a blinking star? Might be Tristan and Valero setting a galaxy on fire...
More science friction than fiction Blind Space was a 90 % gizmo-free space pirate romance that could have happened everywhere at everytime and not necessarely on a spaceship in the future.Good for me,maybe less so for SciFi fans...
With focus on the romance and slow build up of sexual tension between the pirate Valero and his temporarily blind captive Tristan this was a highly sensual novella - told from Tristan`s point of view who must rely on other senses than his eyesight like touch,feel and smell.Once Valero discovered Tristan`s secret kink the sex really went supernova...
Entertaining and did I say h.o.t.!?