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The Island - Lisa Henry 4,5-5 stars

I can hear the complaints from readers - "Oh no,not torture and rape again"
But rest assured, (and that`s why I gave The Island the high rating) this isn`t about torture and rape - no kinks get satisfied and no sadistic glee here!(means not on-page...)
This is a story about the value of a single human life in the "grand scheme".

That doesn`t mean this was a comfortable read - far from it.Mostly told from Shaw`s point of view who never witnessed the actual torture of his "business partner" Vornis` boy toy - the American captive Lee.He just saw the results and got told what happened.(It was bad enough - gut wrenching moments galore...)Some parts were told from Lee`s point of view (and again just flashbacks of what had happened) - when he wasn`t drugged into oblivion.Watching his pain and fear - and after meeting Shaw the tiny glimmer of hope - was for me as the reader and helpless bystander the hardest part of the story.

Shaw came to the island to sell a stolen,expensive painting to the crime boss Vornis and to meet a few important future business partners.Meeting Lee - given to him every night during his stay as a present from his host to enjoy himself...his growing feelings and compassion for Lee threatened to destroy everything he worked so hard for - same went for many people involved and millions of dollars.So what was Shaw going to do - looking away and leaving Lee to die a terrible death - or jeopardizing everything he worked so hard for by saving Lee...
Want to know? Then read it...

The writing was fabulous.Once started it was unputdownable despite the disturbing and sometimes painful to read content.
There`s more story here than that what I told above but I really don`t want to spoil it more than necessary...