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Blood Howl  - Robin Saxon, Alex Kidwell 4,5 stars

Niggles? - Yes!
-The plot doesn`t make sense.
Why should a powerful alpha-werewolf and packleader hire a human gun-for-hire,to "deliver" an almost helpless and clueless young werewolf to him and his pack?
-A slightly awkward timeline and change of POV`s.
-Getting answers out of these authors is - I quote MandyM:"like pulling teeth - they are not very generous".
-Some loose ends.But Blood Howl is the first part of a series...
-Lack of worldbuilding.Again,series - there may be more in the next book/s.
-Too slow/too fast(where`s Jed?)

Some of these niggles are minor but especially the first is major.
So why the high rating?

I enjoyed the hell out of this book. - Blood Howl was h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s.!!
(at least for me.)
From the first to the last page I was chuckling,giggling and laughing out loud - I`m fairly sure even in places that weren`t supposed to be funny.
The scene where Jed coaxed Redford (in his wolf form without his human awareness) to heel had me in tears,unable to read on for God knows how long...

Blood Howl stands and falls with the like - or dislike - of Jed`s character,voice and inner dialogue.Full of himself,cocky and bold Jed`s a gun for hire,bad boy from hell and self-proclaimed man-slut who happily spreads his legs for all older and preferably married men who are interested in a little rough play and faster back in their pants than out of them.
Then he meets his "target" Redford who turns Jed`s "neatly ordered" life upside down.Jed helplessly falls for the sweet,unassuming virgin shape-shifter who lived a lonely and reclusive life - trapped in his grandmother`s house as a supposedly dangerous werewolf.

This is one of my favorite plot devices. - Bad boy gets dragged - kicking and screaming - in the arms of Mr.Nice Guy and love of his life.Yes,I`m that easy...

Irresistibly attracted(drawn?) to the young "he`s-so-not-my-type" werewolf Jed decides to protect Redford from the big,bad alpha.
Needless to say that Redford falls for his protector too.
The sex scenes are hot,gentle and even these scenes are a little funny.Redford as a virgin and Jed totally out of his element...
With growing confidence Redford discovers a dominant streak in himself - much to Jed`s delight.

A heartfelt "I love you" from the naive Red puts a panicking Jed to flight - with momentous consequences.Now it`s up to Jed - going all "Last Man Standing" and running to the rescue of his beloved little wolf.

Far from beeing the perfect book,Blood Howl pushed all the right Sims-buttons.
I hope it will push the right buttons of other readers too.:D)

Note: It took me hours to write the damn review, - so grammar mistakes and unusual wording may be forgiven,please...