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His Hero Anthology - Devon Rhodes, Simone Anderson, Em Woods, Sara York, Sue Holston, Kit Sands 3,5 stars

The typical anthology fare.

One story was meh...a minefield of pet peeves and cliches.
Two stories were tolerable but same old,same old...
Two stories were good but with way too much sex scenes for their lenght...(my biggest niggle for the whole anthology - some whip wielding editor demanded to squeeze as much sex in these stories as possible - "or you won`t get published!" - at least it felt that way...)
One story was very good and a solid 4,5!

What was what? - I won`t tell...why should I suffer alone!


After massive protests here are the the ratings for each story of the anthology from Ms.Spoilsport...

Uniform Desires by Simone Anderson - DNF/1,5 stars
A Ring And A Promise by Devon Rhodes - 4,5 stars
Only Sam by EM Woods - 2,5-3 stars
Zane`s Inferno by Sara York - 3,5 stars
In The Name Of The Law by Sue Holston - 3,5-4 stars
Wings Of Fire by Kit Sands - 2,5 stars

These are generous "anthology-ratings" - as "standalones" the ratings would be lower for ALL stories!