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Hair of the Dog - Ashlyn Kane, Morgan   James
The pheromone-tango...not between the sheets that could have been nice!
The first part of of the book felt like attending a lecture about the biochemical processes in lycans/werewolves...

The blurb is misleading - 100% BDSM-free and no D/s here in the common sense just an alpha who threw bossy pheromones around and a beta who scrambled to obey - because of the beta-pheromones...
("Bossy" if one considers orders like "go upstairs","shut the door" and the occasional bite as bossy...)

The story had no chemistry (aside from the above mentioned talked-to-death pheromones...),no werewolf/paranormal feeling and most important no noticable emotional connection between the MC`s.At the the end of the book an "I love you" didn`t make a romance.That was a WTF-moment - "where did that come from suddenly" - I had no idea.It was more like insta-lust (because of the pheromones...)and even that was not convincing.The mystery in the second part of the book (from that point on the "romance" was in the backseat) was interesting with just a few minor plot mistakes BUT new characters were introduced and the story felt overcrowded and increasingly confusing.

An uneven storyline and writing that lacked smoothness made this - despite the interesting story - a disappointing read.