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Shadowboxing - Anne Barwell 4,5 stars

A book written with so much care and great attention to detail is a rare find in this genre.I've read many books using words and phrases in German language, but this is the first book where every word is correctly applied and written.
It reminded me of old-fashioned spy-novels.Told from almost every characters point of view in order to keep the story going with the occasional cliffhanger at the end of chapters but it worked and never got confusing.
Lots of dialogue and detailed descriptions makes this novel not a fast read, but I was never bored, just grew a little impatient at times.

Shadowboxing is the story of a rescue mission.A group of members of the Resistance is trying to get a German physicist - falsely accused of murder and with the final necessary details to build a powerful new weapon just in his head - from being captured by the Gestapo.

The story follows two m/m couples who admit their feelings for one another after some inner struggling amidst danger and persecution. Their romances fit perfectly to the time and place this book is set in and I especially found Matt and Ken's part very touching. Fair warning-there was no on-page sex. The love and the feelings came through and I did not miss it as it was not necessary in this book."
The ending had an unfinished feeling to it and there may be a sequel planned but on the other hand it fit the circumstances....

A big thank you to Td for helping me with this review - bringing my thoughts in some (I hope) useful order!