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A Private Gentleman - Heidi Cullinan Before reading...
Not a review just self-encouragement...

As my dear friend Vio told me good-naturedly - this will end tragically.
Not for the characters....for Sims!
But -
a.) I`m incorrigible (what shall I do,I love the blurb..!)
b.) I`m prepared
- Disbelief got kicked out of the window,dislike of historicals completely ignored,CwD-allergy rigorously suppressed and my other pet-peeves...what are pet-peeves?

...that should work...*deep breath*

After reading...

It didn`t work...
I had a serious problem with this book that had nothing to do with pet-peeves or chicks-with-dicks but I have to go back and re-read some parts to be sure.
I`m not in the mood for that now...so more later...