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Trial - Etienne 1,5 stars

Not sure what to call that - mystery,love story,romance a little from everything,I guess.
This halfhearted,emotionless,dispassionate attempt of a story was literally written to death with info dump galore,overblown language in dialogue and inner musings (who talks or thinks like that,is this a lawyer thing?),unusual wording I had to look up (at least that was good for some laughs...)in an uninteresting,boring story.
No connection to the characters,no connection between the characters who fell instantly in love and didn`t get out of the sheets from then on.Sex was off-page "...and then we did it again...and again!",lots of eating out,jogging and driving around.
There was a murder somewhere and a trial...don`t ask me I had serious problems to keep attention.
After reading 30 % I started skipping in earnest and perhaps I missed the parts that made it a great story but I won`t find out.