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Diversion - Eden Winters Not a small amount of research went into this pleasantly laid back prescription-drug-smuggling mystery but I could have done without some of the medical lingo.
What made the book for me was the romance...and the character of Lucky!

Lucky Lucklighter - an ex-con working for the SNBD and unwillingly partnered with trainee Bo.
Cat and dog at first sight Lucky gleefully rubs his cocky pain-in-the-ass attidude in his new partners face - too bad he finds his match in Bo...the verbal fights between these two are hilarious!
But somehow Bo,who shoulders his own baggage of PTSD,addiction and an abusive childhood senses what lies beneath Lucky`s attitude and slowly but surely peels the layers of protective armor from his kicking and screaming partner - and finally lover - and loses some of his own on the way.
In the end all what`s "left" of Lucky is a vulnerable and lonely man who just wants - and needs - his Bo...
A beautiful,heartwarming and sigh-worthy love story...oh,sorry - I forgot - Lucky Lucklighter doesn`t do mushy....