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Deliver Us - Lynn Kelling I can`t decide if 4 or 5 stars...

I go with 4,5 stars rounded up to 5 stars...
for the SHEER VOLCANIC HOTNESS of this comfort-zone-busting,deliciously cruel,cringe-worthy and sweet - yes,sweet! - piece of hardcore BDSM-erotica!!

Not a short book and the story undeniably had its flaws but I absolutely didn`t care...

A daily soap-like story with characters who sometimes didn`t act,talk and think like sane persons are supposed to act - Dramaqueens,all of them!
I knew what I was getting into from the beginning of the story - a professional Dom made it impossible for a clueless client in his first(!) scene to use his safeword AND had sex with him...!

A straight man had his first BDSM scene with a MALE Dom,got tortured,fucked and afterwards...Wham!...happily gay,submissive and in love with the Dom! Wow!
Did I say I didn`t care?

I was impatiently tapping my foot - waiting for the next sex/Bdsm scene....
HAVE MERCY...so NOT for the squeamish every cute,little torture device known to man was used here some of them I never heard of before and I`m not a BDSM rookie! Some scenes were out of my comfort zone but I was comfortable enough reading through them...

This can go either way - love or hate in my case it was love.

I was prepared begging Ms. Kelling for more of Kyle,Ben,Gabriel and Darrek but I don`t have to - sequel is on the way - THANK YOU!

NOTE: A very special thanks to my reading buddy Td who read and discussed it with me and had her hands full of keeping me in line!Love you!