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Subject 13 - Ethan Stone 3,5 stars

Quiet entertaining,not to be taken seriously(at least I hope so...),fast paced mystery romance.
Nice mystery about an experiment with biological weapons gone wrong and survivor Luke trying too find his true identity that requires suspension of disbelief.In the second part of the book too much is too neatly solved to be believable.(A number secured secret tresor opened after a few attempts with using birthday dates...oh,please...!)

Likeable characters with the ability of partly being incredibly dumb and in the next instant almost mind reading...
A lot of secondary characters but it didn`t get too confusing and the villain actually was a surprise (and a little far fetched,IMO)...so far so good...

But...the romance...
I quote Ben`s mother:"The big pink cake"!
Luke is dumped by Shane who`s off to marry straight Ben`s sister Elaine.Secretly in love with Ben Luke makes out with Kyle whith whom he can be the one "in charge" what never happened in his relationship with Shane,who is-of course-an asshole...and Ben - no,that would be a spoiler....clear so far?
Gay stereotypes galore!

But the "best" parts were the sex scenes! Most of them didn`t contribute to the story so I just skimmed through them in the second part of the book.Leaning on the raunchy side I don`t know if they were supposed to be hot but I found them rather funny...
The Falcon studios decorated with pink bunnies and Mary Poppins flying over the roof - two porn actors trying the dirty talk but failing miserably and accidentally slipping into purple prose now and then...laughed my ass off...sorry!