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Master of the Mountain - Cherise Sinclair Curiosity `killed` the cat...
The book was available for free at ARe and I thought I should give this well known and highly rated m/f-BDSM romance a try.
Highly rated,yes...but what for? This was mostly lightly kinky how-to-make-a-woman-scream sex,delivered from an all-knowing "I know what`s best for you" Dom in a nondescript,almost boring story.I can barely tolerate that kind of Dom in m/m - here it made me want to punch his lights out...
Will give it no rating since I usually just read m/m and don`t know any other m/f romance books to compare it to. Perhaps I will try some recommended m/m/f`s in the future - they can`t be all that bad - but for now back to m/m and greener pastures.