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Wishes - J.C. Owens Thanks to Eliza for her perfect review of this book here

That was like someone else has tried to write an "Owens" - and failed.
Crammed and stuffed with too many characters intimately involved that I never got to know properly. Informations like delicate, small hands, talks much, serious eyes weren`t nearly enough to made me feel a connection to the characters. The "harem" was just staffage.
Same with the worldbuilding - a beautiful planet with huge trees and humanoid looking cats - (The idea of a society where males and females live seperate lives, never getting emotionally involved and just meeting for producing "kittens" was adapted from the authors Gaven-series.) - but just looking humanoid when they are not in rut then they are just cats...mated only to one or more human males who came to their planet by choice with the exception of Auri...a proud stiff-upper-lip-officer on an Empire space ship, betrayed by his people and sold to Kanar - a Felinian claiming Auri as his mate, thinking Auri came to them by choice like all the others ( Kanar was described as very intelligent but...hello?....blinkers size garage door...anywhere?)
Auri, first proud officer and warrior morphing into "my little tiger" in Karan`s harem of four mates after his first escape from Kanar and a sudden time leap of two years that felt like two days...falling in love with Kanar - the Stockholm syndrome - and with the other mates...implausible!
Kidnapped by Kanar`s rogue brother who claims to be king, rescued and happy ever after...end of the story. Enough stuff to fill a novel with the double word count.
Not a bad story but for an "Owens" it was disappointing.