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Beyond Complicated - Mercy Celeste 2,5 stars

No army of pet-peeves was marching up but I disliked Liam as first person POV from page one.
Beyond Complicated? Not really, there was just that apparently impossible task for Liam to keep his dick in his pants where it belonged instead of screwing around with his ex-boyfriend/ex-porn buddy Seth who he was supposed to hate after Seth participated in a porn shot gone wrong - to put it mildly... - now the current boyfriend of his son Kelton.
And the next impossible task - keeping his hands out of his supposed-to-be-son Kelton`s pants, that was too much to ask for as he suddenly recognized his developing un-fatherly feelings to the now adult and oh-so-beautiful Kel.
No wonder - Liam was kind of a caricature of a porn star....cotton wool to the north and a teaspoon of brain cells south. Ruled by his dick and wallowing in misery over the stupid decisions the "little" shit made for him....giving in to temptation, then deeply regretting it and a few hours later they were at it again...what a hypocrite!


Okay, it was complicated but everything was wrapped up nicely in the end and I just have one tiny niggle left....the sex scenes!
The "hottest writing ever" didn`t work for me. The porn talk made it hard not to laugh...o.k., I must admit I did laugh...