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Hard Tail - J.L. Merrow 4,5 stars

Fabulous review from Feliz here.
There`s not much left to be said...

Loved this funny coming-out-late story with likeable MCs and a lively cast of secondary characters with two and four legs.
I especially liked that the funniness wasn`t overbearing and slapstick-y but left enough breathing space for more serious undertones.
The romance was a slow burner thanks to Tim`s indecisive sandbag-personality and that made me itchy to the point I went searching for a needle to speed things up but it wasn`t necessary - just had to leave that little problem to Wolverine`s capable claws...

The involuntary "threesome" with Wolverine will get a special place on my personal m/m walk of fame. 24 hours since I finished the book but just one look at one of my cats and the laughter bubbles up again...

100 extra points for the gorgeous cover!
Great story - recommended!

Note: After several funny misunderstandings...Wolverine is a cat!