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Rock and a Hard Place - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow 3,5 stars


Finished - and tired.
These two guys were exhausting.
Don`t get me wrong, this was not a bad story. I wasn`t tempted to skim pages or even stop reading but it took some effort to read through and even more effort to like the characters. I did like them...and didn`t. I couldn`t decide perhaps that`s what kept me reading.

Sean - openly gay and prickly with a homemade inferiority complex and Andrew - a deep in the closet papa`s boy with superior attitude - the perfect mix for an enemies to lovers story.
Cat and dog were sent to a luxury resort on command from daddy - after one-too-many fights as managers in Andrew`s fathers company - where they were supposed to learn how to deal with each other. The plane crashed and know the two men were stuck on a small deserted island where they learned....to deal with each other - in a way daddy wouldn`t approve.

The robinsonade was a bit disappointing (for me).No hungry sharks,tsunamis, poisonous wrigglers or carnivores salivating over the new addition to their small island menu.
"Just" empty stomachs, the inability to make fire, eating raw fish, whining over missing soap and toothbrushes and smut with sand in all the wrong places. But I got a heroic rescue from a vicious coral reef so I won`t complain too much.

Back home to the amenities of civilization Sean and Andrew began to drift apart again despite falling hard for each other on the island - due to their different personalities and Andrews fear of coming out to his parents. The second part of the book was slightly long winded with Andrew constantly giving mixed signals and ruffling Sean`s feathers.
Of course they came together in the end - clearly loving each other - but I had the feeling they still have a long way to go to become friends as well...