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Whatever The Cost - Lynn Kelling 4,5 stars

This book is a contribution to climate warming or how a huge bundle of pet peeves made one big "LOVED IT"!

I started this book thinking it would be BDSM themed but it wasn`t. It`s written in present tense with alternating POV`s. Very GAY characters and dramaqueeny-ness galore - Greta Garbo would have been proud of Liam...
Lots of inner musings and some of them really made me roll my eyes...
Some girlie bits - the MCs are/were escorts for both men and women - in the first half of the book.
A story about two men trying to escape their pasts as escorts for a dubious company, getting married and building up a new life with help from new and old friends despite their emotionally messed up personalities...should have bored me to tears with all the analytic psychological stuff but didn`t...

I absolutely adored the secondary characters Yasha and Valery - a straight married couple in an open relationship. Especially Valery...it was a joy to read about a woman in a m/m romance portrayed like that!

Kinky and HOT sex scenes, crossdressing and dubious content that may not be to everyones taste...

Loved it to pieces but don`t ask me why.