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Dammit! - Michele L. Montgomery After being told that the author felt publicly disgraced by my one-star rating and review plus following discussion thread I decided to delete the whole "drama".
This was the third time I got attacked for a 1 star review/rating by author,writer-buddies and/or friends.Of course they didn`t do it directly and/or personally....

I`m done!
No more one-star star ratings and trying to explain WHY I gave the low rating!
My fellow readers and friends have to find out for themselves...

Here`s the re-post of the offending review...the comments are gone but basically we talked about the issues we had with this book and - yes! - we were making fun of an utterly ridiculous story!

Apparently the label "mystery" was wrong - my fault,sorry for that but I don`t know the exact definition of the English word "mystery" when labeled to fiction...

Apr 07, 2012
Simsala rated it
Shelves: contemporary, m-m, suspense-crime

DNF 75%

I made it to 75% hoping for improvement but there was none!
One of the disadvantages of reading e-books is,you can`t throw them - and this one in particular - against a wall to blow off steam!
I will refrain from pointing out the flaws of this wannabe mystery with D/s elements - that would reach the word count of a novella!
The short version is...
Overall writing was acceptable but story and characterisation insulted my intelligence...nothing and no one here made sense...point!